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Posted by: Astro0 Dec 11 2014, 11:06 PM

From member RoverDriver - better known as MER and Curiosity rover driver Paolo Bellutta with co-author Stefano Dalla Casa.

The book is in Italian....

Description: (Google translation)

Drivers Martians. How to build a space robot and guide him on Mars

How do you build a robot that scans the surface of Mars and how you do it land? There must resist the Martian atmosphere for years and move on rough terrain. With what energy you do work and with what instructions guide? Mars fascinates us when we look at the sky, but it is only recently that we were able to send robots. The latest addition is Curiosity, a rover led by Paul Bellutta in laboratory NASA JPL in Pasadena, United States. Why to push towards Mars is mostly scientific curiosity, beyond the engineering challenge: What is the geological history of the planet? There was the water? There are organic materials typical of life? The task of Curiosity is to try to answer these questions. Paul Bellutta physics and information, is one of 16 rover driver at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), the NASA laboratory at Caltech in Pasadena where you guide the robotic vehicles that explore Mars. He is currently a member of the landing party of the Mars Science Laboratory and develops visual systems for spacecraft and missions nonhuman of ground vehicles, like the Mars rovers. He recently developed a method for assessing the traversabilitÓ the rover on the surface of Mars and has contributed to the selection of the landing site of Curiosity.

Posted by: Paolo Dec 12 2014, 06:35 AM

thanks. I will have a look when I'm back to Italy for the christmas holidays!

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