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Unmanned _ Forum Maintenance _ Glitch in Mars forum?

Posted by: dvandorn Jun 23 2014, 02:46 PM

On 6/21, PDP8E made a post in the general Mars forum in the thread "geology of Gale Crater and Mount Sharp," but the thread doesn't appear in the list of threads and when I click on the thread title from the main index page I get an error that some of the files required to display the thread are missing.

Did the thread get deleted or moved? I haven't been able to find it in the MSL forum, and IIRC it wasn't the kind of thread that would lend itself to needing to be completely deleted. I guess I would have assumed that if the thread had been completely deleted, it wouldn't show up as the last activity in that forum on the main index page.

Just curious, more than anything...

-the other Doug (with my shield, not yet upon it)

Posted by: elakdawalla Jun 23 2014, 03:34 PM

Fixed it, thanks.

Posted by: dvandorn Jun 23 2014, 07:44 PM

Thanks, it's appreciated.

-the other Doug (with my shield, not yet upon it)

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