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Posted by: Phil Stooke Mar 8 2017, 01:36 AM

I posted a comment in the Opportunity route map thread about this, but I can go into more detail here.

I have mapped the activities of Opportunity from Eagle crater to the present location, first for my Atlas of Mars Exploration Vol. 2, and more recently as new work for a future Vol. 3. Also, since I took over the Opportunity route map thread from Eduardo and others, many of those maps have appeared here on a sol by sol basis.

But what do you do if you want a convenient single source for Opportunity's travels? Our thread gives you that, but you have to look through more than 200 pages of maps. The mission website is similar - maps go back nearly to the beginning but over hundreds of web pages. Also the maps are in different styles, by different people, with ou without (mostly without) feature names etc.

In a way my big Atlas serves this purpose - from sol 1 to sol 3700 it presents maps of activities, with names, all in a common format and a standard scale but with lots of extra larger-scale maps where needed. But I am well aware that it is expensive and out of most people's individual price range. And we have nearly 1000 sols to add to it now.

To remedy this situation I have collected a set of maps following the whole path from Eagle crater to the exit from Endeavour, sols 1 to 4640. Well, not quite the exit, but close to it. These are maps from my Mars Atlas (up to sol 3700) and from new work since then, including maps released here. I have assembled them in an ebook which is now available from the Kobo store. Just go to and search for my name or the Title 'Atlas of Opportunity' and you will find it.


It's only maps, apart from a half page introduction. They are best viewed on a tablet, or I suppose a desktop ebook reader. The file is .epub format, which probably can't be read on a Kindle but can on lots of other e-readers. On a tablet the maps can be expanded and scrolled around to follow the path of the rover. No text, no photos, just maps, but I hope it will be a handy guide to the travels of our plucky little rover. And a lot cheaper than my big books. Because the book consists only of images it's quite a big file, so if you want it, be in a place with a good wifi connection!

I will update the file from time to time, once each year or two. If this works out well I will do Spirit and Curiosity as well, and maybe other topics I can draw on from my vast collection of files.

And I should add... I am new to this brave new world of e-books and self-publishing. If you find problems - like maps that will not expand etc., please let me know.


Posted by: nprev Mar 8 2017, 02:06 PM

Congratulations, Phil! smile.gif

Posted by: Ron Hobbs Mar 9 2017, 02:28 AM

I got mine today.

Thank you for this great resource for finding my way around the barren wasteland of Mars.

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