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Unmanned _ MSL _ 3D Flyby at the base of Mount Sharp

Posted by: Paul Marshall Aug 11 2019, 06:17 PM

Hello everyone,
I made a short video from the HiRISE DTMs of some of the areas I'm sure you are familiar with.
Hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making it.

Posted by: Sean Aug 12 2019, 05:08 AM

Nice video.

The other videos on your channel, where you purport to ...'prove that a lot of this stuff is fake', are not so good.

A title like 'Curiosity Rover - The Cover up continues' is bound to win you a lot of friends on this forum.

Best of luck discussing conspiracy here.

Posted by: Paul Marshall Aug 12 2019, 07:10 AM

Thanks Sean!

I have no intention of discussing conspiracy here.

Posted by: Sean Aug 12 2019, 07:54 AM

Happy to report that the forum supports the ability to 'Ignore Users'.

Posted by: Paul Marshall Aug 29 2019, 09:22 PM

Hello again,
Here's a new 3D video - it's still Gale Crater but not where Curiosity is looking. This is from a DTM that is on the NE side of the crater.

Titled as Layered outcrop in Gale Crater. This one took a few weeks to render and process.
I've made a new Youtube channel that will be devoted to 3D Mars tours and will also post them on Flickr.

Posted by: serpens Aug 29 2019, 10:15 PM

Nicely done Paul.

Posted by: Paul Marshall Aug 30 2019, 04:52 PM

Many thanks serpens.

Posted by: pbanholzer Aug 30 2019, 07:46 PM

Any thoughts about doing this specifically for the proposed future Curiosity route - go to the east, then backtrack and go up to higher elevations?

Posted by: Sean Aug 31 2019, 01:29 PM

Here are some older flybys of the region including future route...

Mount Sharp flyby on

MSL route flyby on

Interactive 3D 'Beyond Vera Rubin Ridge' on

Interactive 3D 'Vera Rubin Ridge' on

Posted by: Paul Marshall Aug 31 2019, 07:39 PM

Some nice renders there Sean! Particularly Bob!
Do those DTMs join fairly seamlessly? I feel like I need more RAM to do that.

Posted by: Paul Marshall Sep 20 2019, 08:59 PM

Added a new tour of what Curiosity sees, much more detailed than the original video I posted. It's my first attempt at 4k and I strongly recommend you view it on a 4k TV if you can.

Another short video here showing a more north western area of Gale and includes a model of the rover for scale.

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