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Spirit: Thread Database, Topics Sorted Chronologically
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Sol 35 Pancam Targets - 456 / 457 images
Straight Over Adirondack
Spirit Front Hazcam Animation - Quicktime format
Sol 037 Navcam Anaglyph
Sol 037 L457 Lander Image
Spirit Route Map - Daily Drive Plotted
Spirit Rover Movies - Animated GIF's from Driving Days
No Driving For Spirit On Sol 38, Minor Glitch
Interesting Rock Seen On Sol 39
Spheres At Spirit Site Too?
Sol 039 Pancam Panorama And Anaglyph - Bonneville here we come
Sol 037 Panorama And Anaglyph - L2-5-6
Sol 039 Lander Panorama - L456 at long last
Sol 043 Pans And Anaglyphs
Spirit Route Map - Small and Large Scales (pinned)
Sol 044 - Pan and Anaglyph
Laguna Hollow
Pancam Spectra
Laguna Hollow Trenching - Anaglyph
Rovers Are Internet Superstars
Spirit Flash Problems.. - further info
Sol 047 Trench Panorama - L2-5-7
Sol 050 Trench Pan & Anaglyph
Spirit Snaps The Earth
Spirit Parachute/backshell Image?
Eclipse Season On Mars
Sol 056 Big B'n'w Pan
Spirit Trench True Color
Sol 058 Rat Target - Humprhy in L257
Humphrey Anaglyph
Change In 66 Seconds - Rock top shows change
Taking A New Panorama - From Middle Ground
Spirit Homing In On Interesting Rocks?
Making Tracks ....
Spirit Color Shot
Sol 062 - Pancam Pan and Anaglyph
Rover Lifespan Increased From 90 To 240 Days!
Sol 64 - Far Rim In Sight
Spirit Reaches The Rim Of Bonneville
A Look Inside Bonneville
Astronomical Observations
Odd Navcam Pictures
L256 Looking Jpl Like ! How Do You Do It? - My L256's are SO different
Is This The Parachute?
Early Bonneville Pancam Shots - A stitched partial panorama
Spirit's Heat Shield From Sol68 - anaglyph image of the heatshield
Spirit Rat/idd
Full Size Pan?
Sol 068 Crater Colour Pan - 1 x 10 frames
Work In Progress -39 Frame Crater Pan - I must be MAD
Serpent Dune 3d
Distant Hills! - Anyone know what these are?
Sol 072 - Blueberries - No - not in the wrong forum
Lunar And Planetary Science Xxxv (2004) - Chock full o science goodness
Unusual Find - Rock left a trail
First Picture Of Blueberries On Mars... - It's a surprise...
Spirit "ufo"
Eastern Hills
Hills Beyond Columbia
Whats Spirit Upto?
Unusual Mini Tes Spectra?
Weird Rock
Mazatzal, Ny Ratting, 2 Times - overlapping Rattings
Sol 077 Idd Pancam Image - L456
Sol 080 Two Frame Crater Pan - L456
Columbia Hills
Spirit, Sol 90-91
Voyage Paths - Looking for maps
3d Color Animations Of Mars - Look at this amazing gif animations!
New Tool - What is it ?
Beyond Gusev Crater?
Spirit Rebooted - New software is running as expected
Missoula Crater
New Pictures At Last - Interesting Rock....
Gusev: Combining Mola, Moc And Mars Express Data
Sol 85 Super Resolution Imaging Of Heatshield
Sol 111 Navcam Pan
Sol 106 L256 3 Frame Pancam Mosaic - Over the shoulder
Sol 93 4 Frame Pancam Mosaic - Columbia Hills in mars-o-vision
Columbia Hills In High-resolution?
Sol 112 3 Frame Pancam Mosaic - Another one over the shoulder
Spirit - Sol 112 Desktop Images - Different Sizes
A Bush On Mars? - No, of cause not ;-) ...
Sol 122 L2,5,6 Hill Mosaic - Terrible colours but interesting detail
Panoramic Camera Degredation? - Is it me or is it getting blurrier?
Columbia Hills High Resolution
Sol 136 6 Frame Hill Mosaic - L256, but heavily edited
Sol 136 11 Frame L5 B'n'w Mosaic
Sol 134 Anaglyph - Get out your glasses, it's a beauty
Layered Rock?
Sol 140 : L256 Mosaic ( 4 X 3 Frame )
Columbia Hills Approaching Aniamtion!
Anyone Still Here?
Color Anaglyphs
Sol 149 - L456 3 Frame Mosaic - Hills in Technicolour
Mars Conjuction 2004 And Dust Devils - Coming in Sept...
Sol 154 4 X 2 L7 Hill Mosaic And Anaglyph - Outcrops, Rocks and more!
The Hills - Spirit is there!
Spirit's First Target On The Hills? - With a little dance?
Spirit Color Frame Misalignment?
Big News From Spirit @ Gusev ?
Layered Rocks At Gusev
Spirit Progress Up The Hill Is Frustrating
Spirit's Tuneup
Great Outcropping Picture From Spirit
Gusev Crater Walls
More Rocks With "nuggets"
Bbc News Online Article
Bedrock Under The Microscope
Climbing The Hills !
Climb Every Mountain! - Work that IDD
New Panned Photo
More Rover Data Available Online
Looking Back, ... - ... looking down
Images From The Slopes
Crater...comparison To Viking
Large Scale Layering?
Know Your Rover - Geek Test
Large 4 X 2 Frame Mosaic From Foothills - Looking NE
Hill View - A work in progress
Full Hill Pan?
Nw View From Columbia Hills - 5 X 3 Pan
Glint In My Eye
Spirit Approaches The "ravine"
Solar Conjunction
Spirits View Of The Sun
Bold Plans - And More Money
Quick Wash At 40 Degrees
Rover Tracks From Orbit
Steering Problem
New 'cahokia' Panorama Oct 7, 04
Poll: Who Is Going To Live Longest?
A Marsberry?
Machu Picchu?
Swiss Cheese On Mars...
Sol 300!
Sol288 6 Image Panorama - 3D panorama
Gusev Crater Walls No Longer Visible
Spirit At Machu Picchu
Mars Atmospheric Pressure/elevation Relationship
Poll On Spirit Plans From Now On
What Now? - Leaving West Spur?
Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? - Flying debris or a camera blemish?
Husband Hill
Alan Is Lost
Mi Images Of Solar Arrays
Sol 326 4 Frame Anaglyph
Highly Scientific Rover-tracks Analysis - using a hotwheels model and some salt
Driven Distance - Using track width
Thanksgiving Panorama
Adirondak 2? - A brushing
Sol 335 Navcam Pan - Site 99
Right Front Wheel Fix
Sol 33 Pancam Mosaic Of Lander And Terrain - A stunning image - with thanks to Bjorn
Spirit Self-portrait
Spirit: 95% Slip And Stuck Wheel
Wonderful 3d Holiday Picture

One Year On Mars: Press Briefing Jan 3rd
Pbs Nova - Welcome To Mars (January 4, 2005)
Mgs Coverage Of Spirt's Trek
Spirit Sol 334 - almost there..
Towards Larry's Leap - climbing the hill
Ultreya Abyss
Fifty Feet To Go! - Only 50 feet to Larry's Lookout
New Item On Wishlist For Spirit
More "pot Of Gold"
Director Update
Cast Your Mind Back To Sol 61
Berries At Gusev ? - Loose spherules...
50 M Above The Plain, In Color.
Worsening Dust Storm?
At Peace
Spirit: King Of The Castle? - Cumberland ridge approaches
Moving On
Back To Sol 131 - Columbia Hills color pan
Interesting Graph Of Power Available For Mer Rover
Rocky Petal? - first animated rock on mars
Back To Sol 225 - Spirit West Spur location.
Spirit Finds Sulfates
Back To Sol 124 - Southern Gusev wall in splendor
Back To Sol 161 - Southern mesas and wall of Gusev
Dust Devil Track
Clovis To Lander Bearing
Spirit Self Image - reflections
Back To Sols 213-224 - The hunt for the western wall
Sol 410 - Husband Hill Mosaic ( 7 X 4 )
Exploratorium Updates Its Mer Images (finally!)
Dirty Lens
Serious Tilting
Falling Rock, Or Optical Illusion?
Halos On Mars?
Live Dust Devil?
Recent "maximum Discrimination" Color Pics - L2 & L7 color pics are post Dust Devil
Obliging Dust Devil Completely Cleans Off Spirit!
Back To Sol 411
Broken Rat? - or is it me?
New Design
Sol 428 Sun Images
Larry's Panoramic Outlook
Eine Kleine Nacht Foto? - Spirit taking night shots again?
Strong Winds At Gusev? - Not to be read till 1st Apr 2005
Lot Of Rocks
Spirits Rat
18 Month Mission Extension
Another 18 Months Approved - extention approved for mers
Back To Sol 68 - Bonneville Crater
Gusev Flyover - MOC Imagery
Mer Was On Tv - New ?
Sol 442 - Looking Back At Larry
Sol 445 Navcam Pan - Best yet
Sol 422 - Soil, Rock, High Gain And Array
A Setting Sun
Moving...on The Spot
Tennessee Valley - Sols 410-413
Sol 443 West Spur - Enhanced Colour
Color Hazcam - or NASA's secret color filters
Pancam Sol 454
Pancam Sol 454
Rubble Bed
Brave New World - beauty Martian
Larry's Lookout - When's the true color comin' out?
Conspiracist Fodder
Martian Sky - What's it look like?
Spirit In The Rough
Spirit Rover Video Sols 200-400
Sol 454 - Larry And Methuselah
Spirit Hits Blueberries - Spirit on Meridiani-like strata
The Mars Twisters In Color
Sol460 Panorama
Sol 462 Navcam Pan - 15 frame panorama by Autostitch 3.1 meg
Pancam Sol 456
Pot Of Gold Outcrop?
Spirit Clouds In Latest Pancam Images ?
Pancam Sol 464
Scenic Dust Devils - Time for the Color Hazcam again
A Homemade Mer Wallpaper
Nasa Tv Mer Interviews - Interviews on Dust Devil Phenomena
New Tidbits On Mer-a From Apr. 25 Aviation Week
Sol480 Sunset
Navcam Sol 480+483
Alteration On Gusev Plains And Columbia Hills
Back At Larry's Lookout
Larry's Lookout East
Back To Sol 191 - Arrival at the Hills, West Spur
New Orleans Agu Meeting
...and Counting - double or nothing!
Why No Granite?
Well Spotted - Shooting Star confirmed
Nice Place Larry, And Now?
Solar Cells
Columbia Hills Stratigraphy
A Neat Image. - Turned into a wallpaper
Methuselah Mosaic - Sol 464 and 465
Pancam Sol 510
Backstay - A new target for scientific research
Spirit Breaks New Ground!
Where Is Spirit Right Now?
Rat Status - RAT status
Sol 311 - For The Route-map Experts
Columbia Hills 'etching'
News Update
Distant Horizon - Gusvev visibility: height & transparency
Take One Moment - Stop, pause
Images Wanted!
Spirit & Opportunit Landing Coverage
Nature 7th July '05 - Tons of MER articles!!!
Colorized Spirit Rover Panoramas
Possible Contamination - Bacteria hitched a ride to Mars
Scientificamerican July 2005
More Dust Devils
Home Plate Etc.- identifying features below Husband Hill
Strange Rock
Nice Mi Positioning
Spirit's Best Stereo Images
Squyers Book Tour?
Rear View Monitoring For Dust Devils
Mers In The News? - Bad Google...bad!
Sol569 Sunset - Another beautiful Sunset at Gusev
West Spur Polar Projection Request
As Time Gets Shorter, What Would You Do?
Recent Comments From Steve Squyres - notes from his Houston, Tx presentation
Far Side Of The Hills
Finally, Southern Hemisphere Clouds On Mars.
Chromium In Assemblee - What do high levels of Chromium tell us
Independence Pan
Husband Hill Summit
Onward And Upward?...onward And Upward?!? - Ultreya on the way
Sol581: Spirit Arrived! - ...on the summit of Husband hill
Gusev Crater Horizon
Flowers And Speeches
Where Next?
Sol 583 Partial Mosaic
On The Way To Home Plate - a possible route and calendar
Mer Press Conference, September 1, 2005
Looking For Detailed Traverse Mape West Spur
Weird 'solarized' Images?
Mother Of All Pans
Strange Artifact
Ode To The Storms Of Mars
Strong Winds, And Also High Pressure? - Denser atmosphere = windy conditions?
Sol 589: Phobos And Deimos?
One Martian Year? Aka Mer To December
Mazatzal Revisited On Earth - Water detection at Gusev crater describe
For Ustrax - glimpse over the edge to Ultreya
Now Where's That Rim? -> Sol 591 - Spirit's horizon
Columbia Hills Layered Volcanics Overview
Jpl Raw Images Site Is Going Nuts
Sol 603 - Ultimate Summit?
Sol 591 Panorama - 12x3 pancam of Inner Basin & Home Plate
Stereo Home Plate! - long-baseline 3D visualization
Back To Gusev's Winter Show (sol 310) - Navcam pano from "MRDs"
Just Plain Pretty
Two Hilltop Flicker Gifs
Back To Sols 318-325 - Thankyou Thanksgiving
Spirit Starting To Crackle
Heatshield ? Lander ? Backshell W/parachute ? - A light near the horizon
Spirit Autocelebration - Sol618 self portrait on the summit
Sol 619: Spirit At The True Summit
Scenic Dust Devil In Color & Thyra Rim - Sol 620 , dd enhanced & colorized
Sol 618: Everest Spirit Seen From Sol 614 - Thanks Dilo!!
Haskin Ridge - The Eastern Route Down to the Basin
Everest Horizon Panorama - 27x1 (L7)
Beautiful Evening Scenery (450 Kb Jpg) - one of Spirit's best shots so far
Spirit The Astrophotographer
News Tidbits
Count The Errors In This Article
Nasa Expands Rover Science Team
Rover Update At Space.com
New Meteor ? - Astronomy
Gusev Rock Types Chemistry Summary
What's With Nasa.exploratorium.edu Site? - site increasingly not available
MER Model For Your Desk
Columbia Hills Rounded Boulder Populations - Where do they come from?
"Spirit" Cover On Aviation Week: 14 November 2005 - Rocky Martian High: Spirit Takes Summit
Ua Researchers Show Liquid Water Can Exist On Mars - similarity to Spirit's "mud-like" soil?
Gusev From ~100 Meters Up - sol 620-622 Everest raw images-panorama
Metal Pin - something funny on Sol 50
Stonehenge On Mars I - large boulders in a row
JGR-Planets (Special Section: Spirit Results)
The Hell-ride Roller-coaster - Sol651 polar projection
One Martian Year! - And still going strong...
Inner Basin
Doug And Umsf In The News
Geology (october 2005)
Garbled Images - Pancam Problem?
Halley's Meteors? - New press images
Phobos Eclipse Animation
Summit Pan - With Deck Pan
Roving Mars (imax!) Trailer
Site/drive Code Mishap
Survival Tips From Spirit And Opportuinty,from Jpl - explore robotically as long as possible
Request For Scale Pictures
Aviation Week & Space Technology : Spirit
El Dorado - The place formerly known as Ultreya
Night Time Obs - Feint Fuzzy...
Ohohoh! - While I'm around...
Sol 661 Odyssey Animation
My Xmars Gift For The Umsf Members - Poetry?...Bah!
To El Dorado...
Cave Or No Cave?

Mystery Material Redux.
My New Bankcard
Sol 510 Right Filter 2,7 Pseudocolor
Moc Catches Spirit - Sol 652
New Spirit 360° « Fisheye » View - Mars is a small world !
Going To Homeplate...
One Martian Year Looking Back(wards) - Spirit and Opportunity videos rear view
Kudos From Aviation Week
New Bright Stuff - Paso Robles 2
Another Dorado Mosaic - Spirit sol 708-710
Asking For Presentation Suggestions - (I'm begging, actually.)
Unusual 2-toned Rock
One Year Ago
Earthly Dimensions - size matters!
Home, Sweet Home - Dream becomes Reality
Sol 454 Desktop Image - Larrys Lookback
Lpsc March 2006 Mer Results - New Mer published results !
Home Plate Speculations - Get it in now, before we know the truth!
A Delta River Near Hp ?
Home Plate Summary
Mer Sfx Images - A Long Time Ago ...
Run For The Hills! - The flight to Winter Quarters...
Going to Grissom Hill and a very impressive crater - ... is it possible?
McCool Hill
Wheel Trouble - ...down to 5 good wheels?
Celebrating MER rovers in France ! - Spirit & Opportunity : "Nous voilą !"
Sol 800 coming up
News to me - Mars Rover Finds Definite Sign Of Life - Kent Brockman reports...
March 16 Planetary Society article regarding both Rovers
Home Plate Is... - LPSC update - Science magazine
Spirit route on Earth - How I've followed Spirit since the begining
Winter Quarters - at Low Ridge Haven
Searching for a Sol 803 panorama
Spirit rover video sols 600-800 - Husband Hill to Home Plate
My new favorite rock - Sol 806
String thread
Digging in
PDS 8 Callibrated Color Spirit Views
Rover speed : Oh La La ! - Typical French comments on rover speed
Top 20 Spirit rover photos
Home Plate pan, sol 755-758
Spirit landing audio file - Live event witnessed by 2000 people with TPS
Grissom Hill
Spirit discovered possible meteorites - and JPL's McMurdo Pan ...
Bonneville Salt Flats
Long sequences of low resolution images
Sus Eia! - A new approach on El Dorado
solar conjunction
Beyond 1000 sols - Spirit's 'to do' list for spring
900 SOLS and Mars Day 21 July 2006: NASM Washington DC
Spirit Flashback Panorama Sol 263 - My Sol 900 Celebration Poster for UMSF
Spirit rover rock types chemistry summary
McMurdo Pan - Please post new images here
Spirit Panoramas from PDS 9
Changes at Low Ridge Haven
Drive Spirit - Tell Spirit where to go...and more
Remember ... Sol 1 - The 3 first color views
Spirit 1000 - Earth time for that 'moment'
Mars Rover Beginning To Hate Mars - (Humour)
McMurdo Pan (virual reality)
Spirit's New Adventures - The Mission Beyond 1000 Sols
The Complete Spirit landing coverage? - Is it available?
Spirit from HiRISE
Columbia Hill in 3d with MRO texture
First Dust Devil this season - any bets?
A small view a my work on HiRouteMap Project - A other HiStuff
NASA Ames Schedules Briefing to Discuss Google Agreement - This sounds fascinating
The Adventures of Spirit and the Flashing rock!

New Transit Season
The Return to Home Plate
Dust Devils of the '07 season
Spirit EDL
Spirit's HiRISE 3D Flyover
Dust clumping
Mars Rover Spirit Unearths Surprise Evidence of Wetter Past
Spirit Update Discrepancy
Nobody move....apart from Spirit - Busted by HiRISE
Spirit cleaner?
New Spirit Reprojected Drive Movies
Cohesive Soil?
Spirit now living longer than Viking 2
Home Plate (second round)
Bound water on Mars
Bright Flares from Scraped Rocks!? - Spirit Pancam saturated by Wheel-scraped Rocks?
Sliding into 'Home Plate North' - Heading for Spirit's 2008 Winter Retreat
Spirit Parachute Nov '06 to Sept '07 - Anim from HiRISE
Spirit from HiRISE on Home Plate
Do rovers need a specific trenching tool? - Dead wheel works, but designed scoop would be better

Spirit dirtier
Stroupe's Slide
The Press and the Man on Mars
Gusev's Subsurface Chemical Layers
Spirit Roving Home Plate - 2006-2008 from HiRISE
Sol 1500
A day in the Life of a Martian Rover
Post-Solstice at Home Plate North
Spirit is Sleep Roving - Shhhh....don't wake her up until the dream is over
How much onboard memory do the rovers have?
Land of Salvation - What Ails Thee?
"Mars 3D" : Movie Premiere at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia - 12 November 2008: 9 PM meeting Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
The major science stories from Spirit
Post-Conjunction at Home Plate North - Getting ready to leave

MER@5 Years - Your thoughts and congratulations to the MER teams
(Trying to) Leave WH3 Behind
The West Valley Route
Gusev terrain - some data from CRISM and HiRISE
NASA rover reboots twice over Easter weekend
Getting Unstuck in West Valley
800Whrs+ Staying Up Late ideas
Spirit Approaching "von Braun": Mosaic at Spaceflight Now website, 25 Jun 09
FREE SPIRIT - Extrication FAQs (pinned)
Sol 2000 Party Ideas
Spirit - Sol2000 - Congratulations to the MER Teams
Extricating Spirit - Digging out from Troy
Gong Gong

Spirit - [email="MER@6"]MER@6[/email]
Spirit - 2010 [email="Winter@Troy"]Winter@Troy[/email] - The first stationary science campaign
Working with Calibrated Data
Simulating Spirit - (...and any other mission)
Spirit at Troy: Wakeup - Discussion on if, when, how Spirit will wakeup at Troy (invisible)

Spirit: End of Mission
Explore Mars: Spirit's Journey
My Wife Is Amazing!

Spirit retrospective - a few details from my current project
Spirit VR
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