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Unmanned _ Director Updates _ 2004 02 25

Posted by: OWW Sep 29 2004, 10:04 PM

Hello, this is the Flight Director update for Wednesday February 25th. My name is Jessica Collisson and I am the flight director for Opportunity.
Today it is sol 32 on the Opportunity rover and just about now she is getting ready to wake up and start the mornings activities. We will be sending up command-loads this morning to do some continued Mossbauer integration picking up from yesterdays long Mossbauer integration. We are going to change the way we use the instruments in order to vary the data collection. And we will also be doing many Pancam images and Mini-TES images throughout the day while the Mossbauer activity is going on. One thing that is going to be different this morning is rather than receiving downlink in the morning while we send our commandload, we will only be sending the commandload. We are not going to hear from the spacecraft until later this afternoon in terms of dataproducts and images that come down. The way that we have it structured is that we will hear a beep this morning to signify that we are still on track and that everything is planning rather than getting the data down this morning we have added another opportunity for the Odyssey spacecraft to overfly and we are going to use that opportunity to transmit data and get a little bit more data volume. So rather than just one Odyssey overflight this afternoon, we are gonna have two, which will be interesting for the team to get some of that data down.
And the other activities for the day on the rover is that we will actually wake up during the Mars Global Surveyor overflight which will be around midnight tonight and do some Mini-TES observations and well go to sleep and when we wake up for the Odyssey overflight, around 3:45 in the morning tonight, then we will continue with some Mini-TES observations. So we have lots of Mini-TES nightobservations tonight, which we will be looking forward to seeing the results.

Both rovers are healthy. Spirit continues with its instrument observations at its target and crept forward a few more meters today into the center of the hollow area that its doing its observations. And stay tuned for future updates.

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