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Amount of fuel onboard, Potential life expectancy?
post Jul 1 2008, 05:53 AM
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Assuming that there are no MGS type anomalies and funding holds out (according to NASA's FY09 budget, the current extension ends in September); how much longer can Odyssey remain operational with the fuel onboard?

(I know you guys are strict about starting new threads, but I couldn't find any other thread related to this topic.)
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post Jul 1 2008, 03:58 PM
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Yeah, and that's my point. Not getting a warm fuzzy for lander relay capability during the next decade at all, and I'd sure love to see a mission proposal for at least a gapfiller orbiter to cover the next three surface missions. When it comes to Mars, you need to wear a belt and suspenders, IMHO.

Long ago on another thread far, far away I proposed a transient event detection (TED) capability for a follow-on Mars orbiter. This would look for things like landslides, dust devils, CO2 geysers in the South Polar region, and maybe, just maybe, H2O hot spring detection. This seems like a viable science objective: understanding the nature and frequency of currently active surface processes is manifestly of interest across many disciplines, and certainly of great interest to long term manned mission planning. And, of course, any orbiter would have a relay capability for surface missions.

To me, this looks like a desirable convergence. Hell, I'll even admit that I invented TED to sex up the idea of a new orbiter...because the bottom line is that sooner or later we're gonna need one quite badly.

A few will take this knowledge and use this power of a dream realized as a force for change, an impetus for further discovery to make less ancient dreams real.
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post Jul 1 2008, 04:11 PM
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QUOTE (nprev @ Jul 1 2008, 04:58 PM) *
Not getting a warm fuzzy for lander relay capability during the next decade at all,

Well - I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling for a requirement for lander relay capability during the next decade either.

Seriously - MSL is the only landed asset firmly scheduled. That's it. The next up to the pad is, currently, the last.

We do have the next scout, which will be an orbiter with at least Odyssey like relay ability - which will (if you presume a decade lifespan) relay capacity out to at least 2020+. There's no reason to expect MRO, MEX and MODY to all die especially soon either. MRO, imho, will last a LONG time.

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