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Mariner 6 and 7 Mosaics
post Aug 4 2008, 08:56 PM
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Mariner 6 Mosaics.

I have reprocessed the mosaics from Mariner-6. I reconstructed the frames based on both the analog and the digital transmissions of the image. The analog images were filtered to enhance the visibility of topography, wiping out brightness information. The digital images were in 7-bit form and only a fraction of the pixels were transmitted, but they contain proper brightness information. A set of images combining the two was constructed at the time, but there is definitely some loss of detail. Working in 16 bit, I can do a better job. I also worked to remove after-images. Another problem is that the wide angle camera that took these mosaics cycled through filters but did not take the images on top of each other for color combination. Rather, the filters were simply included to test the photographic properties for color studies on future missions (although Mariner-7 did some color work). As a result, I had to modify the mosaics so that the frames would cosmetically match.

Far encounter (last two frames).

Attached Image

Mosaic 1

Attached Image

Mosaic 2 and 3. These overlapped. Also, there was a small gore between the two mosaics. I filled it in with Mariner 7 near encounter data.

Attached Image

Narrow angle. Narrow angle frames 6 and 14 happened to slightly overlap, allowing the one narrow angle mosaic to be made.

Attached Image

I am now working on Mariner 7 mosaics. There are more Mariner 7 images, and due to some issues with the digital versions of them, they are proving quite difficult. I hope to post them soon.
I also hope to further clean up the Mariner 6 frames and mosaics.

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