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foldable map of Itokawa, a cook's tour of the sausage factory
post Jan 23 2010, 03:39 AM
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Not that I mean to compare Itokawa to a sausage, just to show you behind the scenes of making the map, along with the map itself, here, rather than continue to clog up the Hayabusa Return to Earth thread.
Here is the map itself, so far along as the pasting in of the mosaic has gone.
And here is are two shots of the folded up map, compared with the computer-made model. Note the arrow to one of the "ears." The first try of the map failed to capture the ear, so I replotted the boundary, as seen in the Tracing image.
All photos credit: Sara Adkins Studio
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post Feb 11 2010, 06:12 PM
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Here's the group photo.

On the plastic model, the orange region marks the district that gave me the most trouble in the basic layout. In the simple, "unpeeled banana" layout (where each branch of the map is nearly the same length and breadth) I could not eliminate district overlaps. The ad hoc solution was to append the "orange" district onto the end of another section of the "peel" (orange arrows). That's why the map has unbalanced branches. It also makes the folding a little trickier because you've got to connect this district out of sequence from a simple, end-to-end assembly.

The orange district also contains the area discussed above, where I could not unscramble the cylindrically projected map.

The white line around the throat of the plastic model identifies Itokawa's primary valley line; it will become the boundary for a map which organizes and presents Itokawa's surface as two hill districts. (The current map presents the surface as basins, or, to use Maxwell's 1875 term, "dales.")

Another failure of accuracy: note the big rock at 12:00 o'clock on the top right plastic model. I had thought that my map would be able to capture this bulge on the assembled form, but it doesn't. I ought to have caught that earlier -- as I did with the ear -- I could have fixed it. Good thing nobody's paying for this map.

Same photo credit: Sara Adkins Studio / C.Clark
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