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need help. how to uncompress .img files from magellan
post Jan 6 2011, 11:33 PM
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Hoping someone can help.
I am trying to uncompress the FMAP .img files which are part of magellans images of venus so I can use a converter program to convert them from sinusodal to cylindrical mapping.

Things I do know is that I can just rename .img to .raw and open in photosho however the converter program newmap.exe which is an old dos program that is provided with the FMAP images requires I think the uncompressed .img files in order to convert sinusodal to cylindrical. I know the .raw didnt work. And I get error saying my .img files are compressed so it wont work.
I know .img files are not cd or dvd image file or so I think becuase I could not open them in MagicISO If they were CD images I would think MagicISO would work but I may be wrong though.
Anyone familiar with what I am trying to do. Any image processing guys out their do this with the magellan FMAPS?
I figure the experts would be here.
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