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Map Features Overlays on a Cylindrical Projection
post Jan 28 2012, 07:25 PM
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Thought I'd mention I'm starting a mini-project to make map feature overlays for planets and satellites. These are set up on a cylindrical projection so they can be displayed with Science On A Sphere, Celestia, and the like. The key is that text for feature names has to be "pre-distorted" so it looks correct when viewed on a sphere. This is especially important at high latitudes. The overlays are for now in the form of transparent PNG images.

So far I've started with Mars and Enceladus. The programming language is IDL, and the lat/lon info for the feature names is from the USGS Map-A-Planet Gazeteer. I'll try to post some results once they are a little better.

Enceladus is a special case, since the map I had put together is in planetocentric coordinates, and the feature lat/lons are in planetographic. So a conversion of one or the other would need to be done.


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post Feb 18 2012, 08:12 PM
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Here's Iapetus, with a 5 degree shift that appears to reconcile the image with the IAU convention of the feature longitudes.

Attached Image

Other versions can be found here (for Iapetus along with other objects):


I just figured out how to select the fonts, so future revisions should have an improved look.

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