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Full Version: Bbc"martian Dunes Hide Water Secret"
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Intersting article.
Interesting article, the man is thirsty of water cool.gif . If it is found and confirmed, there will be a heap of missions to Mars.

According to the National Geographic publication (2002) is that the North Pole is the only place of Mars where there is ice on the surface. Its nucleus of ice and dust has around 1,200 km of wide and up to 3 km of deep. A dark ring of sands of around 700,000 kmē is located around the North Pole. The South Pole, due to a longer winter and cooler than the north pole, the austral icecap is composed of a layer of surface of solid carbone dioxide, under which perhaps there is water. In the summer, 4.800 winter km of diametro of the superficial frost is reduced to 400 km

Will the Mar's water taste the same as the ones of Earth... unsure.gif I don't think so...unless it is purified...

Richard Trigaux
Water plus carbon dioxid... That makes SODA!!
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