Hi All

I would like to share this message from the Editors of Aviation Week to ALL the UMSF Forum members.

"Kudos for the fine ongoing Mars exploration commentary that you provide. It's lots of fun and really informative.

Congratulations and thanks again to the whole team there for the help
in October and November with the Spirit picture atop Husband Hill carried
in Aviation Week & Space Technology. We could not have done anything
like that without you..

Be proud. You guys are doing great work and we have had many nice
comments on it here at Aviation Week, as you have also carried from
comments on your site".

The Aviation Week editors and others within the Astronomy and Space Exploration community recognize and appreciate the positive contributions by the many UMSF members in a polite and informative manner and urge us to continue !!!

allow me to also please note that Aviation Week had no involvement with the New Scientist reprint of the "Spirits Soar" panorama. We 4 and Nico are grateful and thank Aviation Week for publishing the Mars images produced as a direct result of the creation of this forum by our leader, DOUG ELLISON !!