Good morning. My name is Joel Signorelli and this is the Flight Director report for the 7th of April. We had two mini milestones on Spirit and Opportunity last week.

Opportunityís odometer just clicked over 7 kilometers and thatís 7000 meters. Now its original requirement was to only drive 600 meters, so theyíve bested that distance by over 12 times the original requirements.
Last week, Opportunity was driving about 50 meters per sol as itís dashing its way towards Victoria Crater where it is going to spend the winter. Along the way it was taking pictures of outcrops and doing atmospheric observations.

Now on Spirit, it just passed sol 800. Now both vehicles were designed to last only 90 sols, so Spirit has lasted more than nine times its original requirements for working on the surface of Mars.
Now driving hasnít been so easy for Spirit recently. Spiritís fifth wheel has been locked and so it canít rotate. Itís been bogged down in this kind of sandy, loose material last week. So there has been a change in plans. Instead of trying to go to McCool Hill for its winter haven, itís going to backtrack to a place just passed recently called ďLow RidgeĒ and that is where the vehicle is going to be spending its winter.

So thatís it for today. My name is Joel Signorelli and thatís whatís happening on Mars.