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Full Version: Blue Marble Earth Texture maps
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Hey all,

I've recently stumbled across this very interesting sample of an Earth texture map, which shows the colour band shaded by atmospheric effects found on this private website:

The one I am highly interested in is the so called "Earth Texture Atmospherical" (top row, middle). For what I need it for, the map is fantastic.
I was searching desperately high and low on the net, Blue Marble websites and all, but couldn't find exactly this map in higher resolution than the 2500 x 1250 provided on that private website.

Does anyone know where I might get exactly this map in resolutions up to 32784 x 16392 pixels? Any help or suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks a lot.

Bjorn Jonsson
I don't know if that particular map is available in a bigger version but I don't think it would be too difficult to modify one of the big natural color maps to look like this one.

Speaking of Blue Marble, has anyone been able to download any of the the huge files at via BitTorrent? I've been trying to download the January map but the download is so slow and 'discontinuous' that I doubt I will be finished downloading it until September or later sad.gif.
Have you tried Emailing them Bjorn...given that you produce 'good stuf' - I'm sure they'd be prepared to pop something onto an FTP for you.

Bjorn Jonsson
Things are going a bit better now, a whopping 2.3 MB downloaded over a period of 40 minutes with only 282 hours to go (and that's just for downloading the January file).

Despite this I'll email them now. Wonder how they'll react because I want *everything* on the Monthly Global Images page...

EDIT: By poking around a bit I found that these maps can also be downloaded from (the "Details and More Imagery" pages). The download speed is decent (probably about 1000 times faster than via BitTorrent).
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