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Full Version: Oppy arrival at Victoria will open...
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All of us are waiting Oppy's arrival at Victoria crater in a few days crossing all fingers (up to 10 wink.gif ) untill we'll receive the very first pictures. I went back to my calendar of events for both MER vehicules and realize that, if everything go right, we'll have a LOT of celebrations at least for the next 2 months. Have a look at this and get preapared smile.gif :

28-sept 1000 Earth days Spirit
08-oct 2000 Earth days Total
15-oct 11 time duration Spirit
19-oct 1000 Earth days Oppy
26-oct 1000 Sols Spirit
29-oct 1.5 martian year for Spirit
04-nov 11 time duration Oppy
05-nov 2000 Sols Total
08-nov 3 martian years Total
15-nov 1000 Sols Spirit
18-nov 1.5 martian year for Oppy

Edit : modified post to better fit here
Once these fillies are 2 years old we can start them on their racing careers. tongue.gif
...but then we'd have to euthanize Spirit sad.gif
Put Spirit out to stud? Or....whatever you'd do, given that these rovers are generally given female personas instead of male.
What does "11 time duration" mean?
QUOTE (ToSeek @ Sep 13 2006, 04:55 PM) *
What does "11 time duration" mean?

11 times 90 sols I guess smile.gif

990 sols
Another TWO interesting months !!!

Date Oppy Spirit Total Remarks

11-sept 1291 1311 2602 Assuming Total cost = 900M$ => 4$/s since landing

30-sept 1310 1330 2640 Two martian years for Spirit

10-oct 1320 1340 2660 Four martian years Total

20-oct 1329 1349 2678 Two martian years for Oppy

31-oct 1340 1360 2700 15 time life duration (180*15)
Amazing statistics indeed blink.gif
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