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Full Version: Creating color images and panoramas
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I am looking for software to display and edit Spirit and Opportunity images that I download with MarsMidnightBrowser. Could anyone help?

Sorry if this has been asked before; I have been searching the threads and see a lot of references to the technology behind editing software, but I am not that technical.

Ideally I would be looking for software that takes my black and white pictures and converts them into:
- stereo images (3D)
- colour images
- panorama's

Any pointers would be much appreciated.



Michiel van Ooijen
The Netherlands
MMB does all that Michiel. Do you want to edit yourself?

MMB generates panoramas also if you install java3D. Have you checked Michael's site for details?

Err - the answer is in the question smile.gif MMB will do all that wink.gif

hehe, nice timing on the help eh?


Thanks for the replies. I am not sure I quite understand MidnightMarsBrowser though. When reading through the documentation again, this is what I see:

1) Colour
Here it says MMB downloads colour images from Daniel Crotty's website. What I would like to do is colourize the black and white images that I get from the NASA site myself. Does that site colourize every single MER image? If not, I would like to select a B&W image of my choice and have it colourized by a tool. Can that be done?

Here it says MMB can display panorama's, and it goes on about "the panorama's". What I would like to do is select a number of images that I downloaded from the NASA site and turn them into a panorama myself (with the aid of a software tool). Can that be done?

Here it says that 3D pictures are generated automatically. That's great and I am happy with that!

So, maybe I don't understand the documentation correctly but any help regarding 1) and 2) would be appreciated!


MMB automatically generates 'false-colour' (plain rgb) images for every filtercombination (L256/257/456/457/247/...) and spits them out in the 'gen' folders (opposed to 'raw' folders).

The images retrieved from Daniel Crotty's site are radiometrically calibrated images from which Daniel created approximate true color images (see 'Methods for Pancam Multispectral Color Imagery' on his site for details).

You can create color images yourself through image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint etc... by stacking for example L2/L3/L4 for red, L5 for green, L6/L7 for blue from top to bottom as layers and then adjusting the levels per layer by removing (0-255->output 0->0) green&blue for red, red&blue for green, red&green for the blue layer. By making the layers transparent you get color. From there you can manipulate further by using for example the channel mixer in PS as an adjustment layer or directly after merging the layers.

As for stitching manually or through some scripting, google for PTgui, Panorama Tools, PTassembler, Realviz, Autostitch, ....and see what you like best to start of with.

Also, search the forum for these as a lot has been discussed in depth and it will provide a lot of help.

If you want to color the black and white pictures taken by the navcams or the hazcams you could try "Recolored". This is a piece of software that colors black and white pictures for you. All you have to do is draw lines to tell the software what areas need to become what color. I've just downloaded it myself so I can't really comment on the quality yet:

Thanks Nico, Doug and DEChengst for your replies and for mentioning those software applications. Some of which I hadn't heard of before, but I will try them out over the next few days.

Thanks again.

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