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Full Version: Globes of the planet Saturn
Unmanned > Outer Solar System > Saturn
Here's one for starters... Click to view attachment
Another one with Titan: Click to view attachment
QUOTE (PhilCo126 @ Dec 22 2006, 08:57 PM) *
Another one with Titan:

One of these days I'd like to see a globe, map, or picture of Saturn without the rings. I know, they're the most obvious feature, and they're pretty hard to avoid imaging unless you're over the poles. But the planet Saturn itself seems to get short shrift compared to its rings, and a picture that stressed its planet-ness by itself might help add some balance to the concepts people have of Saturn.
Bjorn Jonsson
Imaging Saturn with the rings exactly edge-on is a close approximation, especially if they appear edge-on to the Sun as well.

You could also take a look at this.
Planetary Mapping:
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