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Full Version: The Sounds of Earth
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The vinyl-sized golden "CDs" attached to Voyagers are mentioned in numerous books on astronomy. BUT: is there any mp3 available with the actual sounds that were sent there? I guess the sounds of 1970s would sound alien even to us Earthlings by now... Anyway, I really wish I could listen to that.
Long before the internet, there were "RIGHTS" issues. They were never able to secure the rights for all the music.
I guess I'll just have to bring a record-to-mp3 player when I go to capture the voyager probes next month so that you can all have those sounds.
This Web site contains all of the images, languages, and sounds on the Voyager Records:

As for the music, while it is not reproduced, the selections are listed and you
can probably purchase most of them. You would have quite a collection of eclectic,
global music as a result, to be sure.

BTW, some of the sounds and music on the Records can be heard on the Cosmos
soundtrack CD.
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