Hello, this is the rover update for March 23rd. My name is Jessica Collisson and I’m the Flight Director for Opportunity.

Today Opportunity is going to be actually heading back towards the crater which we exited last night to go check out some of the bright material that exists around the edge of the crater. Yesterday when we drove out of the crater we drove far and we’re gonna turn around a little bit and get closer and also position ourselves so that we can take a nice panorama of the inside of the crater for documentation of all of our wonderful tracks that we’ve made as well as the interesting outcrop and science targets that we’ve spend the first part of our mission evaluating.
Today we will be driving up to this region like I mentioned in preparation also for the IDD instrument to be placed on this target called ‘Marshmellow’, this bright region. So we are looking forward to that and we’ll also be imaging the plains behind us once we reach our target.

The Spirit rover, in about half an hour, is going to be looking up and photographing Deimos, taking an overnight observation of one of Mars’ moons and then continuing on the day with some continued science on the Mazatzal target which it approached the day before yestersol and yestersol completed lots of pre-RAT science and are preparing to now RAT their target.

So very exciting activities on our rovers the past couple of sols. And looking forward to more science.