Hello, I am Jessica Collisson and today is the rover update for April 20th.

Last night, after doing some micro image and the Mossbauer spectra of the soil outside of Fram crater, Opportunity drove up a little over a meter to a target named Pilbara and the team currently is planning about a two and a half hour RAT activity for this rock Pilbara right in front of us which sits along the outside of Fram crater. And we will be spending couple of sols at this crater and using all of our instruments on the different features located around the crater.

Spirit yesterday completed its approach to Missoula crater and today is planning a series of remote sensing activities. We’re getting ready to send the commandload up today in about an hour or so to the Spirit rover so that we can start using the PanCam and Mini-TES instrument on the different features around Missoula crater. In the upcoming sols we plan to drive around the perimeter of Missoula crater and then head out on our journey towards the hills.

So stay tuned for continued updates.