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Full Version: February 28, 2007, HiRISE release
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February 28th release

Quick coloured crop from one of them...

Click to view attachment
Yeah, the gullies image is an interesting one.
One thing that bugs me about image captions for HiRISE (and it was also true for MOC) images is that they refer to "a crater in Arabia Terra" or whatever, instead of using the exact crater designations in the USGS shaded relief quadrangle maps. These maps give a designation to nearly every crater more than a few kilometers in diameter. To give a completely random example, I'm looking at the USGS Aeolis Quadrangle shaded relief map (I-1552), at a small crater designated AEO-Dx. Rather than trying to find coordinates from image captions (which may vary slightly from those on older USGS maps), designations are a much easier and unambiguous way to find an image's location on a map. Maybe it's just me, but it seems a better way.

Love the images, though!
One of this week's images (the yardangs) has turned up in Zoomify format. (I don't see the other two.)
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