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Full Version: March 7, 2007, HiRISE release
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March 7, 2007, HiRISE release
That Gale crater image is really nice, and there's (almost) a new beagle/isidis picture too!
From PSP_002703_1920:

Joint Observation of the Isidis Basin with the Rosetta Mission
Comparing this image with those taken by the OSIRIS camera onboard Rosetta should help calibrate HiRISE.

I wouldn't wait for those images to calibrate HiRISE...
Toma B
"Joint Observation of the Isidis Basin with the Rosetta Mission"
Oh I can't wait to see that news release: Rosetta helps poor American spacecraft calibrate its camera... mad.gif
But as always I will have to wait some more... mad.gif
" always..."

Welcome in Europe biggrin.gif
I notice one common theme in this release: dust. Seems as if it's ubiquitous enough to prevent HiRISE from achieving its full possible resolution of some of the smaller features.
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