Hi, this is Jeff Fabretto, Flight Director for MER-A Spirit spacecraft on May 12th 2004.

Spirit is continuing to drive towards Columbia Hills. On sol 127 we managed to get about 69 meters, a little bit short today, but we wanted to save up some batterystrength for tomorrow. Sol 128, which we’re planning right now, we plan to do about two hours worth of driving and hope to make some distance up today.

On Opportunity yesterday we took a closer look at a location called Lion Stone and we have a micro image of that location over my right shoulder. Yesterday we also moved the space vehicle back a little bit and we took some more images so we can see where we can grind those rocks today. And today we hopefully will be in a position to grind that area to take a look at more details at locations on Lion Stone.

And that’s the MER report, Flight Director report for May 12th, 2004.