Hello, welcome to the Mars Exploration Rover Flight Director report for June 1st 2004. My name is George Chen, Flight Director for MER-A Spirit.

Today we’re finishing up on sol 146 today. We had two really good drive days. On sol 145 we drove 99 meters and on sol 146 we achieved 60.63 meters, so we’re well on our way with some very good drives hoping to arrive at Columbia Hills pretty shortly here. Our total odometry so far on this mission since landing is just shy of 3 kilometers, so we’re making very good progress at this time. Our PanCam images of the Columbia Hills start to show some layering and possible outcropping, so the scientists are getting quite excited and are anticipating our arrival at Columbia Hills.

On the other side of the planet, MER-B is finishing up on sol 126. They’re finishing up a Mossbauer integration and they plan to drive about 70 meters back to a point known as Karatepe, which is clockwise, a little bit of backtracking a little bit along the rim of Endurance crater. And the idea is to collect more data so that we can determine the slopes going into the crater.

And that’s what’s happening on Mars today.