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Another part of my ongoing planetary exploration show project involves making models of Mariner, Viking and other probes. Here is the Viking model I made for the Viking sequences. I worked from many photos I took of the Science Test Lander while painting the background mural, as well as from photocopies of engineering drawings I came upon during my USGS days. It is a work in progress but sufficent for my present needs. I simulate a view from Camera 2 with the color panorama revealed after landing so the planetarium audience gets an approximately correct perspective of this and other Martian panoramas. I have other spacecraft models I will post renders of later.

Others may well be doing similar work worth sharing.


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Ian R
That's truly remarkable Don! ohmy.gif

I remember with fondness the cover you produced for Sky & Telescope in the wake of the Pathfinder mission. As I recall, it combined a digital model of the lander and Sojourner with a large panorama of the landing site, which was projected onto a 3D relief map of the surrounding terrain.

I still have that issue somewhere - the cover stayed in my head for weeks after I originally bought it.

Ian R
This is the issue - October 1997:

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