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Full Version: Psychedelic Rhea!
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Boring as Rhea is by general consensus, here's an interesting recent image. I assume this was an attempt to obtain surface details by Saturnshine alone? If so, quite impressive! smile.gif
I have gone the solar system simulator and I vave found and those Rhea shots were snapped at about 8:15UTC on June 11.

It looks like to me that they were trying to image Rhea's north polar area in the shots. The sub solar latitude on Rhea is only about 11 degrees south now and I guess they are trying to fill in the remaining gap in the Rhea map by imaging that blank bit near it's North pole before the Equinox in August 2009.
Rob Pinnegar
There also are some recent, heavily-exposed shots of Rhea's Saturn-lit limb. I wonder if they're just checking to see if there are any traces of emissions? It's probably worth a look.
QUOTE (nprev @ Jun 12 2007, 02:52 AM) *
quite impressive! smile.gif

How long before someone insists that's a UFO seen silhouetted against the crescent at the bottom there... rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
I don't EVEN want to know! cool.gif You have a vivid imagination, O Poet Laureate...never would have caught that.
I wonder what they will do if they get a hold of the images coming down in the next couple of hours of a certain saucer-shaped moon...
Probably pack their bags and turn on their beacons... rolleyes.gif
I would expect more fractals and rainbows.. but it's better than nothing
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