Hi, this is Jeff Fabretto and this is the Flight Director report for the Mars Exploration Rovers on July 21st 2004.

Yesterday on MER-A, we were at sol 195 and there was a large rock in front of us named ĎSabreí so we decided to reach out and RAT that rock to grind in that rock a bit. We were in the process of changing over to our APXS instrument on that robotic arm and we had a timeout unfortunately so weíre correcting for that today.

Opportunity is also in good health, itís sol 175 and if you look behind me here you can see itís only 11:34 in the morning, so that sol is still progressing as we speak and the rover just woke up. We just received its nominal beep, that tells us itís awake and itís healthy. Today itís going to move back, itís gonna stow its arm. It has a robotic arm and itís taking some micro images. Itís gonna drive back and itís gonna image this rock called ĎArnold Ziffelí and for those of you who donít know who Arnold Ziffel was, that of course was the famed pig from ďGreen AcresĒ. Then weíre gonna drive forward into a nice slab of bedrock and weíll stop there and do some more scientific observations.

And thatís the Flight Director report for July 21st 2004.