Hi, my name is Daniel Limonadi and this is the Mars Flight Director report for Thursday September 30th.

Today on Spirit, it’s sol 264. We’re continuing our campaign of methodicly moving our way up Husband Hill. Specificly on sol 264 we drove about 3.5 meters and are getting ready for a final approach to the rock named ‘Coba’. We also did some remote sensing on that sol. The next sol, sol 265, a final approach to this rock ‘Coba’ so that over the next few days we can do detailed insitu science with the Instrument Deployment arm and its instruments on that rock.

Over on the other side of the planet, we have Opportunity. It’s sol 244, approximately noon right now. And currently the rover should be finishing up some remote sensing activities associated with a long baseline stereo campaign. We’re basicly making a detailed digital elevation map of Endurance crater. And so we’re at the first position of this mapping area. And we’re finishing up those images. The next sol, tomorrow, we’ll be about five meters away from where we are today and we’re gonna start acquiring the second set of images for those long baseline stereosets, so hopefully in a few sols we’ll be all done getting all this high definition data so we got a nice crisp detailed elevation map of the entire crater.

And that’s all for the Mars report today.