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Full Version: ESA Planetary Data Archive
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ESA has now made available a new version of their web-based interface for their planetary mission data archive. It is available at:

As stated on the home page,
\The European Space Agency's Planetary Science Archive (PSA) contains data returned by ESA's Solar System missions.

The primary objectives of the PSA are to:

* Support the experimenter teams in the preparation of their data
* Enable and ensure the long-term preservation of the data in the archive
* Distribute scientifically useful data to the world-wide community
* Provide supplementary data services aiming to maximise the usage of planetary mission data and ease scientific data analysis.

The PSA use NASA's Planetary Data System standard as a baseline for the formatting and structure of all data contained within the archive. Follow the 'About the PSA' link below for information on the PSA and the PDS standards.

For information on the latest data and software releases, follow the link below to the latest PSA news.

The first data sets are now available for the following Venus Express instruments:


Please note that these data sets are currently only available through FTP Access.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Any info on when the Rosetta data will be archived, more specifically OSIRIS data from the Mars flyby and any other datasets?
QUOTE (ugordan @ Oct 1 2008, 01:38 PM) *
Thanks for the heads-up.

Any info on when the Rosetta data will be archived, more specifically OSIRIS data from the Mars flyby and any other datasets?

I'd say within six months, plus or minus six months.

Helpful, no? But it involves data quality checking, then negotiations between the PDS and PDA, and some other beauracratic things. Could be fast, could be slow, so it is hard to give anything moderately definite.
Today, ESA has released a new look Planetary Science Archive (PSA) website . The address has not changed:

The new look is intended to have improved information and a better look and feel.

The PSA also has a Twitter account set up and linked to the website, which is intended to prove PSA news and data releases.

Your welcome to take a look at the pages and let them know if you find any problems or have any comments.
Thanks for letting us know...

I just went over for a quick look. The web front end is fine, but for at least the first dataset I tried looking at (Huygens DISR smile.gif ), the FTP site with the actual data ( is refusing connections at the moment, at least as seen from three UK locations.

Web front end for Huygens (working) here; non-working FTP link examples here and here.

[EDIT: bearing in mind the other FTP trouble thread, I should say that I've used Firefox and the command-line FTP utility, both reported as working there, and am not using Chrome; this seems like a more clear-cut and universal error.]
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