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Full Version: Holy Cow!
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Does anyone from the engineering side or the science team know the dimensions of the exposed ice under the lander? Particularly, the radius from the outermost ice periphery to the spacecraft centerline? Also, is there a DEM (digital elevation map) of the exposed ice sheet? I think this is the largest altered site due to plume effects seen in space exploration. Quite exciting! Any information that may be known would be great! Thanks!

PS. My preliminary calculations are: radius = ~ 60-75 cm and there appears to be three exposed regions.
Does anyone have an estimate of how much ice was exposed after landing? I have gotten numbers from 1 m to 0.5 m in radius? Thanks so much!
I have been exploring the Phoenix Analyst Notebook site this weekend and worked up some Holy Cow shots.

BTW: Is is me or is The Phoenix Notebook site kind of clunky to use?

These are Holy Cow images (processed) during the day and after midnight

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

I tried to merge them with a stacker - the results were NOT pretty!

No higher res? That night shot is pretty spiffy.
Hang on, with being above the arctic circle, surely the "night shot" wasn't done at a literal night time.... ?
The RAC has LED's to illuminate the contents of the scoop remember. But I think it was just dusk-like, not actual pitch black.
The LED utility beyond the scoop is quite limited. The LEDs would not have given such an image. The Sun was 3-4 deg up, to the NNE. It was imaged by SSI around then, but it probably didn't even shine on the surface ("hill" in that direction), but the light was mostly diffuse anyway.
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