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I've been having an odd problem accessing the Phoenix page. If I use one of my bookmarks I often get a page load error. But for some reason if I click on a link someone has posted this one for example it works fine. Anyone else having similar problems?
What URL does your bookmark point to? Do you get a web server error page, or one from your browser? If so what does it say?
I usually use this one its working now.
For some reason following someone's link to an image sometimes corrects the problem.
IIRC it said Firefox can't find the server at
I haven't tried IE after the problem occurs to see if its the browser.
FWIW Alan, I have encountered this problem many times with Firefox - not necessarily for that specific page but for quite a wide selection of pages. It is very quick to give up; in fact it often seems to me that the "give up" time is so instantaneous that it can't really be awaiting a response from the targeted site or even from the DNS server. For this reason I suspect that the "Firefox can't find the server" condition is internally generated by the program rather than an indication of some external circumstance on the net. That said, if I refresh a couple of times, it usually solves the problem.
There is a TryAgain plugin for firefox that you can configure to try reloading failed pages at 3 second intervals. If you're heavy on tabbed browsing, like myself, you'll find that it tries to load a page a few times before you get back to its tab.
Actually this problem hasn't be confined to firefox, I've seen it happen with MMB a few times which is particularly annoying because it still searches the entire folder for the metadata even if nothing was downloaded.
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