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Full Version: Space Acoustics - what would we hear in other atmosphers
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Dr. T G Leighton of the Space acoustics research at the University of Southampton Centre for Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics... research on acoustics...

Titan methane/ethane waterfall in a cold nitrogen/methane atmosphere ..... what might it sound like?

Bach on Mars.... what would an organ sound like in the atmosphere of Mars, Venus, or Titan...

Interesting... we all would love to have that extra dimension of sound. Alas the loss of data from the microphone on Phoenix... getting data bits is expensive and I think getting an approved quality microphone
system is a hard sell for that reason... fun to HEAR another world, but is it worth the data costs?


Fran Ontanaya
A microphone under the frozen crust of Enceladus or Europa could have lots of noise to listen at --ice tectonics, outgassing, submarine eruptions... whales laugh.gif
I'll take whales smile.gif

I hope anyone reading my original post does not think that I am against having a microphone on spacecraft....
I am ALL for it... just think it is a hard sell ...

There were many who were against having an imager on the Mars Observer spacecraft in 1990's, the feeling being that Viking mission had taken all the images any one would need. Well, MGS, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, and MRO have certainly laid that to rest. In fact, many were against having an imager on the first space probes to the planets.... imaging is a data hog. And data bits are precious.

But I would love to have that additional sensory dimension and these space acoustics folks make a case...

What acoustics would a microphone placed on the surface of Enceladus by the tiger stripes hear? What groans on Europa? We all want to hear the winds and sand tremors on Mars.... I love the sound of winds blowing..... would love to hear that on other worlds.

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