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Full Version: Looking for detailed documentation on the Mars missions
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Hello there,

Could someone be kind enough to point me to where I can find some documents (hopefully PDF) on the design and operation of the recents Mars (surface) missions (Pathfinder, MER, MSL). I'm looking (mostly out of engineering curiosity) for a level of details similar to what is available for Viking (

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to

All missions to Mars:

For some MER design images, goto:

The Belgian guy mellow.gif

Thanks for the link and for the warm welcome PhilCo126.

The second link has some interesting things, but I was hoping for more official documents, similar to this one for Viking:

Viking '75 Spacecraft Design and Test Summary. Volume 1: Lander Design (+10Mb PDF).

Of course such documents may not be (yet) available to the public sad.gif
Nor are they ever likely to be. ITAR regulations have heavily limited the amount of technical information that can be shared about modern spacecraft.
doh! That darn ITAR again ... wacko.gif
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