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Full Version: Observing Mars 2003 - Flagstaff Arizona
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Those drawings are wonderful - and in a nod to Stu's walking alongside the rovers, it is astonishing to think how we've gone in just a hundred years from sketching general areas of "albedo" to looking at individual grains of Martian regolith.

Think of that.

Changed the topic title from Mars Hill. The 'Mars Hill' is something specific, in Death Valley.
Mars Hill is somewhere specific in Flagstaff, too- it's the location of Lowell Observatory (1400 Mars Hill Rd., to be specific). I should know, I used to live there smile.gif

But the drawings were done at Lick Observatory in California...

Yes, I have gotten some great views of Saturn from there during my NAU days.
Lick Observatory - 1887
Mt Hamilton (1285 m) CA
Largest instrument: 3.01 m Shane Reflector
In construction: 2.56 m Automated Planet Finder

Lowell Observatory 1894
Mars Hill (2210 m) AZ
Largest instrument: 1.80 m Perkins Reflector
In construction: 4.20 m Disc Chan Telescope (Happy Jack site)
Speaking of telescopic observers of Mars, check out the Google homepage logo today commemorating the 174th birthday of Schiaparelli (and the roll-out of new Google Mars features!)
I know that this picture does not represent scientific value, but is truly remarkable.
Mars is so close and yet so far.
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