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Full Version: MSL Mars Yard Photosynth
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Chemcam makes her look a bit Cyclopean......
Thanks for the head's up Lyford. smile.gif

I'm curious though -- I recognized Sojourner, MER, but for me at least there were two mystery rovers. The one I was the most curious about was the solar powered, six-wheeled rover that was to the port and aft of MSL. The other was red and four-wheeled, located deeper into the photo and along roughly the same line of sight as the first (when it is visible).

Below is a screen shot of the rovers in question.

Click to view attachment

Any thoughts? The six wheel rover was quite reminiscent of MER, but obviously different. My only guess -- and I don't even think it is a good one -- is a mock up of exomars???

-- Pertinax
I can't really tell from that pic, but it could be any of the rover family: FIDO.... Rocky... ????

Though I don't think Athlete is allowed to play in the sandbox at the same time. I could be wrong...

JPL Rover Siblings

Looking at the rear of the MSL, it looks like that it actually has 2 hazcams in each corner. So 8 hazcams altogether! I wonder if the pairs at each corner are for redundancy or if the total field of view is increased?

We're going to be confused with all those images from all those "eyes" smile.gif.
Yes at the rear MSL has two pairs of Hazcams. This is because it has a huge plutonium filled tail sticking out the back and so the only way to get good coverage is with a pair on each side. I think there is only one pair at the front though - so just 6 hazcams smile.gif
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