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Full Version: Did Phoenix start the Twitter craze?
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I'd never heard of Twitter or seen any reference to it online any where before Veronica McGregor started posting mission news and updates via twitter...There are dozens of media reports about how successful the Phoenix/Twitter outreach was. Did Phoenix have a role in starting the twitter craze?
Now, now. Veronica's a very nice lady; we don't want to blame her for that! rolleyes.gif tongue.gif
QUOTE (Sunspot @ May 11 2009, 08:21 AM) *
...Did Phoenix have a role in starting the twitter craze?

Here are the statistics for acting heartthrob Ashton Kutcher and UMSF heartthrob Mars Phoenix:

Mars Phoenix Twitter: 44,191 Followers
Ashton Kutcher Twitter: 1,695,313 Followers

Not even close! (Sad but true. I think Twitter would have caught on just fine without Phoenix.)
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Edit: In the five minutes since I posted, the Phoenix twitter followers grew by 5... the Kutcher followers by 200 plus. sad.gif
It did for me. Though I don't really use it much.
I wouldn't say Veronica started the Twitter craze, but she was one of the founding ladies of NASA's use of social media. smile.gif
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