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Full Version: Mutual Events in the Saturn System
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As the Saturn system approaches equinox in August, mutual events where one moon passes in front of the sun from the perspective of another moon will start to happen more often, and Cassini will start to observe some of these events. The first of these, as noted in the Rev110 Looking Ahead article, was a total eclipse of the Sun by Enceladus on Mimas.

The images for this observation have now hit the ground:

and of course several others. I guess I will leave you all to it...
The images themselves are missing when I click on those links, and "Page not Found" when clicking on the Full Res link. Does anyone else have that problem?

Edit: working now - ignore the above! Yep, cool images!
Video of event now at Cassini site
How unique to see a "lunar" type of eclipse from an off-axis perspective.
Is there a list of these events somewhere? I would love to put them into the Cassini timeline (even though Cassini may not be observing them), and try and recreate it using the Solar System Simulator pics I include in the realtime simulations.
Here are some predictions that I came across:

Presently there are 1-2 events per day and this really picks up as we go towards the end of the month.

The Enceladus/Mimas eclipse can be seen in Celestia at about 1230UTC May 13th. When viewed in real-time the motion of the shadow is clearly evident.
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