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Full Version: Noctilucent Cloud displays...
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Nice display over Kendal last night / this morning..
Beautiful. What time of night and morning?
I watched the first half of the show from North Wales. The display covered the northern half of the sky when revealed by fading twilight around 10:30, retreating to a bright strip with a fairly sharp edge a few degrees above the northern horizon shortly after midnight. It was the best I've seen from here.
I saw them too... from North Cambridgeshire
Full report and more pics...
Hi Stu,

Ow yeah!!! Very nice pics smile.gif. You caught a very strong NLC display. wink.gif

I don't know if I've said this before but I'm in Rotterdam since 5 months as an exchange student (Erasmus). And the latitude is very favorable to catch NLC displays.

The very first I'v took, in the early morning of the 3rd of June :

The second time, early morning too :

The third time, morning of the 13th June:

But the fourth time was the best for now. In the late evening of the 16th this time wink.gif A very strong display, and I was amazed by the surface they took in the sky, very close to zenith ohmy.gif

And a bit of lightpainting biggrin.gif

And more here

Hope you will enjoy it smile.gif.
Probably nothing Stu OK? Haven't read a word from him here, at his blog or twitter since the clouds story and there was LRO launch yesterday... unsure.gif
Stu phone home!
All's well here Rui, just busy with new book project and work... odd shifts in a care home, and coming home often means just flopping onto sofa - after a good shower - and vegging. Lots of catch-up blogging to do this weekend. smile.gif
Anyone else see them this evening, the most impressive display i've seen so far, noticed them when I went out to see the ISS flyby. Will post some pics later.
Alright, stop it! It's cloudy here, ruining my chances of seeing the shuttle and ET... now you tell me there's a big NLC display too?!?!?!?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :-(
Yep smile.gif

Although by the time I got my camera sorted, the display had subsided a quite a bit.
Not the greatest image in the world; my fault, not nature's.

Click to view attachment

Memo to self: read the manual about the manual-settings mode for camera. Buy cheap tripod. Possibly try learning how to use them?

Some were visible over southern Sweden last night. None tonight though, at least not yet.
Bjorn Jonsson
A lot of NLCs has been visible from Iceland in the past two weeks or so. They have usually been visible on nights of clear skies. This is what I saw last night:

Click to view attachment
That can't be Iceland- there are trees in the foreground!
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