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It has been a long time since I have posted here, so hello again...

Over New Year, I was talking to some friends about the delights of viewing images downloaded from Cassini and the rovers
and MGS (etc, etc). I was asked to provide some links so that people could have a look at what I talking about.

I'd like to make a gentle introduction to the delights of the imagery, rather that throwing people in the deep end by
going straight to the raw image downloads, so...

Can you recommend a good starting point for images from our robotic friends? Ideally, stunning images that make people
go "wow", and want to dig deeper.

Thanks in advance...


Off the top of my head:

Ted Stryk's work

James Canvin's work

Daniel Crotty's work
Another wonderfull places (not only for Mars):

Ugordan's work (Saturn, Jupiter and others):

MikeMalaska's work (Saturn system, Titan, Mars and others):

Jason Perry work (Io):

Hortonheardawho's work (MER):
Ian R
You cannot go wrong with Gordan's Flickr photostream:

HEALTH ADVISORY: May cause dehydration due to excessive drooling.
A few more off the top of my head...

Riding with Robots on the High Frontier group flickr page(no longer active):

Wanderingspace blog:

Ted Stryk's Planetary images from Then and Now blog:

Emily's blog:

And VP's blog:

And Stu's blog:
Let's not forget Doug's killer 3D work:

as well as Doug's Bootleg Postcards lecture at JPL:
Lights in the Dark attempts to replace Riding with Robots.
Another goodies:

Bj÷rn Jˇnsson homepage


Dr. Schenk's 3D House of Satellites
Not to be forgotten - I've always liked these versions.

Excellent suggestions from everyone.

Thank you all very much!


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