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SpaceUP DC is an unconference being held in the DC area on Aug 27th and 28th (9am to 5pm) at George Washington University's Funger Hall Auditorium. Come and join us if you want to be part of the group of people who will shape our future in space! Register now!

I'll be there for both days - and I'm down for TWO ignite style talks so far smile.gif
Wow, I'm working this summer at GWU in Tompkins Hall, a building literally six feet from Funger Hall. Since Friday is my last day there, though, I won't be able to register and attend the actual conference, unfortunately. I could potentially make it down at about 5pm on Friday, for what it's worth.
Tomorrow - 11am EST (8am PST) - The Ignite session at #spaceupdc - I'm speaking. Twice. Tune in -
@#$%it. Gotta head to the airport @0900 MDT. Break a leg, man! smile.gif
The awesome SpaceVidCast team will hopefully have them archived fairly soon for playback smile.gif
Sounds like an awesome day ahead for you Doug! Best of luck with the talks! smile.gif
Really enjoyed your talk, Doug; that "Explorer" app might be the thing that finally gets me to buya new computer, cos I'm pretty sure this one won't be able to make the most of it... smile.gif

BTW, I was very glad the guy who followed you wasn't on before you, I'd have missed you; he almost deafened me when he started, and he actually made me come out of the UStream coverage. Tip: rebel-yelling and woo-hoo!ing and goofing about like that doesn't make you look, or sound, trendy and clever, it actually makes you look, and sound, like a complete space geek prat, mate.

As the Pub Landlord would say: grow up.

I want to say that meeting Doug and hopefully others on this forum was a certain word that I can't use anymore. This conference was probably the best thing for a teenager like myself, who wants to go into the aerospace field.
Welcome to UMSF, arma, sounds like you had a great time! smile.gif
It was awesome smile.gif
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