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"Storm and Shadow"

Phobos shadow passing over dust storm in area of Viking 1 Lander landing site.
Artificially colourised animation made from 20 frames taken by Viking 1 Orbiter.
Timewarp 40.
blink.gif ....whoa!!!

Nice. Thanks, Machi!
Machi, I honestly think it's time you actually came clean and admitted you're a Time Lord, with a TARDIS, and you spend your days zipping back and forth in time, scooting across the solar system from planet to planet, photographing and filming these amazing sights and events you show us...! laugh.gif

Beautiful stuff, thanks.
WOW! Outstanding! I really like this one machi. It really gives me a sense of what it would be like in orbit around Mars. Maybe one day wheel.gif

Second version with timewarp 10. Thus, animation is longer, but now it's more difficult to see slow dust storm movement over martian terrain.
Date: 1977-09-28
Time: 05:02:36 - 05:05:26 UTC
Phobos mosaic from Viking Orbiter 1.
ohmy.gif've done it again!!!

QUOTE (machi @ Dec 6 2010, 12:16 AM) *
"Storm and Shadow"

Phobos shadow passing over dust storm in area of Viking 1 Lander landing site.
Artificially colourised animation made from 19 frames taken by Viking 1 Orbiter.
Timewarp 40.

OMG that is gorgeous.
Many thanks belongs to Piotr Masek and his Viking Viewer, which I used to initial denoise and destripe procedure.

North polar haze from violet and red images:
Phil Stooke
Very beautiful!

Machi, your work is beautiful and very valuable!... thanks!
And inspirational! Thank you!
Thanks for kind words!

And now for something completely similar.

You can see area between Deuteronilus Mensae and Protonilus Mensae with craters Lyot (big crater in the middle part of image), Mareux, Quenisset, Rudaux and Lomonosov (big crater under thick haze at the top-left) .
Color from red and violet images.
The Bad Astronomer
Machi, those "Storm and Shadow" clips are AMAZING! Would you be willing to put them up on YouTube or Vimeo so I could embed them on my blog? I really enjoy pointing out motion and dynamic actions from space.
Wow! I love the standing wave clouds in the lee of that large crater.

I'm loving this thread in the same way I've been loving the recent Voyager at Jupiter thread!

(In proper Oliver Twist tone "Please sir, can I have some more!?") And thankyou.

Those are some amazing pictures! I got up close to the screen just to see the smaller details.
Something to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
Martian north polar ice cap.

Happy New Year 2011!
Oh, my. ohmy.gif

Daniel, you are indeed a wizard! Thank you for this beautiful New Year's gift.
Outstanding work!
Bjorn Jonsson
This is probably the best Viking view of Mars' polar caps (north or south) that I have ever seen. Great work.
Beautiful! Nice work!
Good grief... *another* image that deserves to be in textbooks for years and years to come...

Absolutely perfect! (and please, if anyone's thinking "Hmmm, I'll just tweak that a bit more...", don't; it would be like messing about with a painting, it's fine just how it is. smile.gif )
Thanks! rolleyes.gif

QUOTE (Bjorn Jonsson @ Jan 2 2011, 11:05 PM) *
This is probably the best Viking view of Mars' polar caps (north or south) that I have ever seen.

I think (actually I know), that another beautiful raw images are still waiting for processing. I tried choose only very nice images from Viking Orbiters and after all I have around one
thousand favourite images!

QUOTE (Stu @ Jan 2 2011, 11:21 PM) *
it's fine just how it is. smile.gif )

True "imagemage" is never satisfied smile.gif.
QUOTE (machi @ Jan 2 2011, 11:08 PM) *
True "imagemage" is never satisfied smile.gif.

Absolutely, but it's up to you to change it, seeing as you made it, not anyone else smile.gif
Very nice! I like the limb of Mars right at the top too!
Adding my voice to the choir -- Very nice work indeed. Splendid revival of spectacular images from decades-past!
Ian R
I don't really 'dig' Mars, as such, but that is yet another tremendous image Daniel. ohmy.gif

You also need to set up your own YouTube account, as a way of storing all of your tweened/morphed movies in one accessible location.
Animation of Martian cyclone from two images (f783a42 and f783a61) taken by Viking Orbiter 1
9.8.1978 in 16:31:20 and 17:51:18 UTC.
Color is "pseudoartificial" (combination of approximately real color from USGS map and
artificially reconstructed color of clouds).
Timewarp 600.
Youtube version.
Very intriguing machi! I might recommend releasing a version that is sped up as well; it is a little difficult to see the motion with it being slowed down to almost real-time dynamics.
Two speed-up versions, timewarp 960 and 1200.
Next up on Weather Channel:Mars...

Great work machi. I always find it incredible to see such similar weather on such different worlds.
Nice! I like the faster versions.

And I see a strong resemblance to the symbol used for hurricanes.
That is REALLY cool.
...And here is Mangala Vallis as seen in 1980 by Viking orbiter 1 : one of its last images taken before the end of its mission. I saw the building of this mosaic at JPL in 1982 and at this time, Marcia Neugebauer (working in Conway Snyder's team) did all the photographic prints with geometric corrections + their careful pasting together with glue (!) into a large mosaic to be photographed again. It was a stunning mosaic to see at JPL (it was a BIG one) at ground floor of Building 264 (then dubbed the "Viking Building"). It was presented by the few Mars enthusiasts left then and had a lot of succcess among visitors and planetary geologists... There are a lot of stories to tell about the profound implications this picture had on future programs, such as MGCO (shortened as MO, then MGS)... Now you see it (reduced at 30% of its original size to fill in the Forum), with pictures pasted together with modern computer techniques (not glue...) and then colorized. Enjoy ! smile.gif
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Superb work!
We really need "amateurspaceimages" for full size of jewells like this one.
... And here is Olympus Mons enshrouded by its calm afternoon clouds.
This famous Martian perspective from Viking orbiter 1, which hand-made mosaic was published everywhere in 1976,
is now revisited in 2011 with modern computer techniques. Enjoy ! smile.gif
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Wow! That is beautiful! Nice job!
monty python
These pictures are great considering they used tube cameras.
Another Martian mosaic from Viking Orbiter 1, now covering part of the southern hemisphere.
Two color mosaic (violet + red filters) + synthetic green filter.
Dramatic limb ! Lovely view ! Brought back to life today, thanks smile.gif
Two "new" Olympus Mons images from Viking Orbiter 1 on my blog.
I added english captions to images, because Google translator is even worse in translations, than I'm smile.gif.
WOW! That second image is absolutely gorgeous!
I just found, that Picasa (gallery for blogspot) limits image size to 1600 pixels. mad.gif
So I downloaded both Olympus Mons images on alternative server - global view, detailed view (19 MB!).

A calm VO1 (colorized) horizon and limb view.. Enjoy smile.gif
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What's the ob ID's for that one? It's a beauty.
QUOTE (vikingmars @ Apr 10 2012, 12:01 AM) *
A calm VO1 (colorized) horizon and limb view.. Enjoy smile.gif

Amazing view!
Images from Vikings have some magic, which is missing in new missions.
QUOTE (djellison @ Apr 10 2012, 01:04 AM) *
What's the ob ID's for that one? It's a beauty.

Thanks a lot Doug for your nice quote. Herewith are the 5 raw images : 088A13 to 088A17... Enjoy ! smile.gif
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