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Full Version: New Blender Add-Ons for DTMs and DEMs
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This is my first post. smile.gif

Over the last couple of weeks there have been 2 new Blender add-ons to import DTMs/DEMs.

The first, written by Tim Spriggs from HiRise, imports HiRise DTMs into Blender.
The add-on is now part of the Blender 2.56a Beta release and is available at:
Download Page
The Blender Wiki page for the add-on.

I am a beginner with Blender but here are 2 of my attempts with the add-on.
I am using an XP Pro box with 2GB of ram.
I am still working on the colors and lighting.
Zumba Crater
Victoria Crater

The second add-on, written by Valter Battioli, imports LRO Lola and MGS Mola data.
This add-on is still in development. thread.
The Blender Wiki page for the add-on.

I just started playing with this one.

Hmm - can you export a mesh derived from HiRISE DTMs?
It would depend on the format.
What format do you need?

I have not tried to export anything. No place else to go. smile.gif


the new version is finally getting plugins
I have been using the old "" &"" in 2.49b

now i need to see if 2.56 opens .ply meshes 2.5 did not
then if i can export to .cmod
Can this cope with Mars Express DTM's ?
and any other

i can make available a 65536x32768 16 bit unsinged map derived from the lola 256 that has been "destripped " full map
it is however 2.1 gig zip file and currently in MY default format ( vips/Nip2 *.v format)
the first post on
"Tycho crater on the Moon"
has a very stripped mesh
been having "fun" with
it opens the LDEM_?.IMG + LDEM_?.LBL just fine
any that i export to img from isis " isis2pds " ( even /isis_3/data/base/dems ulcn2005_lpo_0004.cub ,LRO_LOLA_LDEM_global_128ppd_20100915.cub ,molaMarsPlanetaryRadius0004.cub )
or the lola 64k map i made ( reduced to a 2k map )
or the "PhobosShapeNew.cub" shape model i made

they all crash 2.56

time to fined the old username/pasword for or make a new one
crashing solved
the blender linux 64 bit binary is unstable on suse 11.3
i had to build the svn source

ALSO if there is a vicar header on the img file there might be a crash
the ldem4,16,64,256, do NOT have a header in the img .
Only the detached lbl .

so if anyone exports isis cub's to img REMOVE the pds header in the img
an update
the tool by ValterVB works fine on the current Blender 2.5.8

at least on suse11.3 64 bit.
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