Dear colleague,

ESA is organizing training workshops on their Venus Express and Mars Express science data holdings, targeted to the science community at large.

Data Workshops are intended to provide users of the Planetary Science Archive (PSA: ) and scientists interested in exploring and using ESA planetary science data the possibility to meet experts from the Instrument Teams and get some direct hands-on experience with basic data handling, processing and integration.

Scientific & technical lectures are held as well as hands-on data processing, with expert members of the instrument teams providing direct support on the best ways in which to calibrate and use their data for science. Typically, these workshops are organized for two instruments at once and some effort is put in to show how data can be combined to maximize the science output.

In cooperation with the mission instrument teams, the PSA has already supported three data workshops, two at the ESAC establishment of ESA in Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid, Spain), and one follow-on workshop in the USA. These have looked at data from the following instruments on Mars Express: HRSC, OMEGA, MARSIS and Mars Radio Science.

ESA are now planning more data workshop activities for summer 2011 (June / July), at ESAC in Spain. There are several options for this and we would like to gauge interest in the following possibilities:

1) 1 week Mars Express 'atmosphere' workshop:
- PFS data
- SPICAM UV and IR data
Required: knowledge of IDL.

2) 3 days Venus Express workshop:
- SPICAV UV and IR data
Required: knowledge of IDL and Matlab.

3) 1.5 week Mars Express / Venus Express workshop:
- PFS data
- SPICAM / SPICAV UV and IR data
N.B. This would require students to stay over a weekend.
Required: knowledge of IDL and Matlab.

Information and updates will be available at the web page:

The attendance for any workshop is limited to about 25 persons and is decided on a first come, first served basis.

If you are interested in attending a workshop in summer 2011, please send us an e-mail ( with the following information:

- Name
- Institution
- Level: student, PhD, Post doc, ...
- Interest / preference for which workshop: 1) PFS and SPICAM, 2) SPICAV and SPICAV-SOIR, 3) PFS, SPICAM and SPICAV combined (would require a weekend stay)

*Deadline: 3rd February 2011*

Do not hesitate to forward this message to your colleagues.

Best Regards,

Dave Heather
Science Archives Coordinator

Olivier Witasse
Mars Express Project Scientist

Hakan Svedham
Venus Express Project Scientist

European Space Agency