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Full Version: Take A Bow, Emily!
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UMSF's (and, more importantly, The Planetary Society's) very own elakdawalla won a well-deserved honor today! smile.gif
Thoroughly deserved, congratulations Emily! (provider/blogger of friendly space science) smile.gif
They should name the award for Emily. What science writer wouldn't want a Lakdawalla on their mantle?
Thank you guys. I'm delighted and honored to have won; and excited that the one time I'll get an all-expense-paid trip to the DPS meeting, it's in France smile.gif We'll have to try to have some sort of European UMSF summit in October!
wheel.gif wheel.gif wheel.gif wheel.gif wheel.gif
YES ! Lots of congratulations also from your French members of the Planetary Society, dear Bloguette...
Now, you are even more well named "by Excellence" !
Congrats to Emily! well deserved for her effort to update us all with the latest space news.
About time the work and talent of one of the very, very best science journalists to be found on the internet was honoured and recognised. Well done, Emily, your posts regularly set the standard for the reporting on stories of the exploration of our solar system, and many of the so called "professional science journalists" who write for newspapers, magazines and other branches of the media should feel ashamed when they read your work. smile.gif
Ian R
I concur with everything Stu said so eloquently in his post.

Congratulations Emily! cool.gif
Congratulations Emily! Really well deserved award. Your blog is many years my favorite about planetary matters.

Re: Previous comments about science journalism and Emily.

Ditto smile.gif

Congratulations, Emily!
Emily, if you need people to carry your bags in France this fall, Kay & I work cheap! wink.gif
Excellent news. Truly well deserved.
Curiosity: "I'd take my hat off to you... if I could"
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Ron Hobbs
Congratulations, Emily! smile.gif
Just to say it all again and deservedly so....

Well done Emily and congratulations on your award.

You've taken science communication to a whole new level of excellence that the rest of us need to aspire to smile.gif
Thank you!!
Congratulations also from my side...!
One, the presentation, is on youtube now:

don't see the other one, not sure why -- I've asked them to upload it.
Congratulations so very well deserved.
Congratulations Emily!

I just read Ted's entry on Emily's blog and Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award is only for one! entry ""The Phoebe Ring". ohmy.gif
So, Emily, I wish you more awards for all your excellent and enlightening blog entries! smile.gif
Well - when submitting a person for the award - you have to cite one story. Make no mistake, this is for all of Emily's work..and is very very well deserved.
Emily is my favorite space journalist, I'm very happy to see her be recognized this way. Well done!
Somewhat belatedly, but outstandingly and well-deservedly, congratulations from your fans. You earned it.
QUOTE (MizarKey @ Oct 10 2011, 03:52 AM) *
Emily is my favorite space journalist, I'm very happy to see her be recognized this way. Well done!

I segond this.
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