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Quite a few people here are already enjoying some of the Zooniverse programs such as IceHunters, Galaxy Zoo and others.
The Zooniverse team have sent out a message asking for suggestions for improvements and programs.
Thought that our Forum members might have some thoughts smile.gif


Dear Zooniverse volunteer,

We normally write to you when we have news of a new project, but this email is a little different. We thought that you'd want to know that we've opened the doors of the Zooniverse to researchers from all over the world, via an open call for proposals, generously supported by the Alfred P. Sloan foundation. The call and the form you need to fill in to suggest a project is at

The idea is that researchers from any subject can call for help, we'll select the best and then produce projects that will help you all make a real difference to our understanding of the Universe. If you're a researcher, please consider applying or encourage others at your institution to do so. The rest of us can look forward to plenty more distractions like Galaxy Zoo, Old Weather and all the other Zooniverse projects.


Chris & the Zooniverse team.
One thing that occurs to me is the backlog of images & data from UMSF over the last few decades. I understand that, for example, a lot of Viking data hasn't been reviewed in detail yet. I know this is very generic as a suggestion, but if there was some useful research question(s) that could be answered via crowdsourcing some specific dataset from such sources, Zooniverse would be an excellent way to do it.

Could be a good way for aspiring planetary science PhDs to get some AWESOME dissertation research done fast & free... wink.gif
going over the old viking data is a good idea ,but one problem and it is the same one as the voyager data .
It needs a REAL artists to go over it .
What Bjorn did for the GRS is not something just anyone can do .

Now the hirise stereo in NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline that would be a good fit .
Speaking of HIRISE it would be interesting to go over the HIRISE images at full res to search for lost hardware, MPL, Beagle, Soviet lander(s), MER cruise stages, etc To what end, I have no idea but it sure would be a thrill to see that all located. There's also a whole bunch of secondary lunar hardware to be located. In that case I could see a study on small impact cratering since the masses and velocities of even the oldest lunar objects are known to a very precise extent.
wink.gif wink.gif ElkGroveDan but that would take away from phil tongue.gif

He might "moonlight" from the moon and look for them on Mars
what is he up to now anyway ?
Phil is still a regular here. You can ask him
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