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Full Version: 3D "At Home" printing of models
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Has anyone made any spacecraft related models
from an "at home" 3d printer? They are too expensive
for most people (me) rolleyes.gif now but they are gradually
becoming cheaper.

Basically they allow hobbyists to design and manufacture
"at home" a plastic physical three dimensional object
from computer blueprints.

I did a bit of searching to see if anyone is
building their own spacecraft related models
this way. I found a few SciFi related things
and finally this... He has made a simple rover
model with his 3d printer.

Rover Model via 3d printer

Anyone here doing stuff that parallels what he is doing
or have link(s) that showcase other homebrew spacecraft models?

Scooters 3d model is beautiful but probably would
be far too complex to input into a home 3d printer?

Hello there! smile.gif Well done! This stuff is great! Love it! smile.gif I'd love to have one myself but the ones that have the resolution that would make me happy are like $2500 - that I cannot afford.

Well, yes, it would be impossible to print my 3d model considering it has reached more than 15000 objects so far - and not all of them are solids... and there are cables and stuff which would have to be added manually. And not easy to lower the detail either. :/ It would take months in order to optimize it for lower resolutions. Sorry if this is disappointing :/
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