Welcome to UnmannedSpaceflight.com (UMSF)

This Forum was founded by Doug Ellison (djellison) in February, 2004. It began as a small, international group of space enthusiasts who shared images they had processed from raw data available online from NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) deep-space missions, most notably the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

In 2010, UMSF formed an association with The Planetary Society to assist the Forum with fundraising activities and to advance public interest in, and use of, space exploration data. Although UMSF is now a project of the Planetary Society, its administration is wholly independent.

Since its founding, UMSF has grown from a handful of people posting images to thousands of regular contributors and lurkers (members and guests who read, but do not post) discussing the myriad of robotic (unmanned) spacecraft missions exploring our solar system and looking into the universe beyond.

UMSF's members are serious space science enthusiasts and many have professional and amateur backgrounds in a variety of fields including geology, chemistry and engineering, journalism, education, astronomy, photography, graphic design and IT skills.

UMSF is highly respected by the professional space science community. Many scientists and mission personnel read the Forum and see the work being done by its members. Many of them also post here on a regular basis. Steve Squyres (Mars Exploration Rover, Principal Investgator) once wrote about UMSF saying that "Both the discourse and the image work are at an impressively high level".

So it is important to us that these words remain true and UMSF maintains its healthy reputation, high quality of content, and good-natured debate and discussion.

TOP TIP FOR NEW MEMBERS: We recommend that you spend time reading and watching how the Forum works and seeing if the discussions here are right for you. By spending a few sessions just reading the Forum before making your first post, will give you time to see how you can fit in and make your own valuable contribution to the fascinating discussions and images posted here every day.

UMSF Administration
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TOP TIP: A good rule of thumb: when in doubt, do not post.

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