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January 1, 2012

The 'News' section was taken offline for a few hours (from 2100 UTC) for restructuring.
The 'News' section has been renamed 'Forum Guide and Announcements'.

'Front Page Stories' from within the old 'News' section can now be found under 'Forum News'.
The 'Forum Management' section has been removed. It's threads will be eventually moved under the new 'Forum Guide and Announcements > Forum Management' section.
Some threads from the old 'News' section have been moved under 'Forum Management'.

We thank you for your support while we continue to make these updates.

Astro0, on behalf of the Admin Team
January 13, 2012

Maintenance performed on the Cassini forums to mimic the way the MER forums work, where the raw images discussion followed the ongoing mission, and separate conversations about science results and image processing. This is more or less how discussion has been happening in the Cassini forum anyway, but there was no rhyme or reason to which thread discussion was happening in, and it was difficult to figure out where to post.

So here's the new philosophy. There are three newly named subforums.

Cassini's ongoing mission and raw images: This used to be the "Icy Moons" subforum but now contains more. In here is one thread for each rev. As Cassini orbits Saturn, near each apoapsis, Jason Perry (volcanopele) writes a "Looking Ahead" article describing the next rev. The publication of that article makes a good point to start a new topic discussing the next rev. All of the posts relating to raw images from 2011 and 2010 have now been subdivided into the relevant threads for each rev. Please note the naming convention for each thread. This text file has all the rev numbers and corresponding dates and targeted encounters.

Cassini general discussion & science results: This used to be the "Cassini General" forum. It's pretty much what it says; it's science discussion or mission discussion that is separate from the day-to-day operations of the spacecraft.

Cassini PDS: This is a new subforum where we've placed discussions of processing ISS and VIMS data from the PDS. Instead of dividing things by rev here, it seems to have been working in the past to divide things by target. For instance, there were preexisting topics on Dione and Enceladus image products, and this is where they now live.

Only the Titan subforum has been left unchanged.

Further notes on the changes here.
Bjorn Jonsson
The Jupiter subforum is currently being reorganized. The changes aren't very big but several threads/posts are going to be merged with the aim of having one or two Voyager/Galileo threads for images of each of the major targets in the Jovian system. There will be Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto threads. In some cases a single Voyager/Galileo thread and in other cases separate Voyager and Galileo threads.

Further details of exactly how the Jupiter subforum is organized will be posted once the reorganization is complete.
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