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Full Version: Mars Map with Feature Names
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Thought I'd post my latest version of a Mars feature map. Compared with an earlier one I posted in a different thread, this one has improvements in fonts, as well as the removal of obsolete feature names in favor of newer ones.

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The mosaic map is a combination of Viking imagery with (judiciously applied) MOLA shaded relief, from the Science On A Sphere Data Catalogue.

Nice! Thanks for sharing it.

Kind of a shame in a way that so many of the classical albedo feature names are now obsolete; some of those might have been useful to retain as descriptors for large regions of the planet, plus they had a certain historical flavor.

Ah, well...time marches on.
QUOTE (nprev @ Feb 25 2012, 01:33 PM) *
Ah, well...time marches on.

Actually many if not most of those names are still around. IIRC, the single most common description of Mars feature names in the USGS list is "named for classical albedo feature", or words to that effect. And it's good too, because they're fantastic names.
Phil Stooke
Quite right! And astronomers looking at albedo markings in telescopic images still use the older names, perfectly legitimately. The 30 map quadrangles for mars are named ater albedo features, and as you say, many features other than craters take their names from older names for albedo features and nearby 'canals'.


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